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    OT: MinerDigs Memories

    Haha I remember that day...atm peeps crashed this board and we protected UTEPs honor and our culture as well. A lot of old posters have been mentioned in this thread that I’ve never met personally but have had the pleasure of reading their posts. Thanks for that atm memory
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    OT: RIP Kobe Bryant

    RIP Kobe...been yelling "Kobe" after shooting anything like many do(including my last kid in my wife ;)) and I hope this continues!
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    UTEP Women vs. #19 Arizona

    they are good but ran into a good AZ team. I’ve followed the wbb team on twitter and they are talented and share the ball well.
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    Kiffin to Arkansas?

    Wish we had 2 CUSA championships and meaningless bowl games under our belt.
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    Nevada @ UTEP Game Day Thread

    Kugler's problem was over recruiting in El Paso. I think Dimel is on the right track recruiting but his efforts might not show until another year or two.
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    Nevada @ UTEP Game Day Thread

    Kai is not the answer at QB.
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    Free shirts?

    Where canI purchase a UTEP/EP Strong t-shirt?
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    TV for TT vs UTEP

    This stream seems to be working -
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    TV for TT vs UTEP

    Ditto...I love Austin and visited many times when I had family living there. And about 10 years ago I went house hunting. But I dumped the original realtor when I said I was from El Paso and her reply was "oh it's far and that's more in New Mexico"...
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    Another year same crap

    Yes. I watched it last night. But it starts where it started online which was before the half.
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    Another year same crap

    yeah espn+ same crap different year.
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    UTEP vs. Houston Baptist Attendance and Prediction Thread

    24k attendance 27-17 - UTEP!
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    Non-sports Question: I am traveling by car from el paso

    Guero Canelo is in Phoenix too(Westside) 51stave/Mcdowell near I-10. The Habit Burger(drive thru) If you're going to LA then eat in-n-out there :) Near downtown: Barrio Cafe(2 locations) is a great place to sit and eat w/over 200 tequilas. Gallo Blanco, AZ Wilderness(brewing), The dressing Room...
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    OT: thoughts about KD injury???

    KD should have pulled a Kawhi and said he's not ready to play and not going to play...look what it did for him -- King of the North ehh
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    Kai in Trouble?

    I saw Coach Canales tweet of the same picture and he did tag KL.
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    OT: GOT

    Starks win! I think the remaining Starks survive unlike Tony....GOT Endgame.
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    Johnny Melvin Jr.

    Smoothest guy I ever had in a class....after he walked in to class, late, some of us felt like yelling "Smooooth" ! When does Johnny change to John ala John Manziel haha
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    Coach Terry makes 1st UTEP offer / Basketball Recruiting

    I fell for that Loof Lirpa article many times as a kid...always had my hopes up f'in Muench ;)
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    OT: Houston and Texas Tech

    Ahh Luster Goodwin...I'm going back to my jr high days and when I would copy his finger roll!
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    Evan Gilyard: Facts

    Meanwhile Floyd is chuckling somewhere about the "transfer epidemic".