1995 was 26 years ago


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Nov 12, 2019
In 1995, UNT made the jump for 1AA to 1A. They beat a Pac 10 team that year and beat Texas Tech 2 years later. UTEP hasn't beat a P5 team since 1967. They have made 9 bowl games and have won 2 of them. UTEP has only made 5 during that time frame, winning zero, of course. UNT won the CUSA West Division in 2017, while UTEP has never won it despite playing 8 extra seasons in CUSA.

In 1995, the Miners were 3 years removed from a Sweet 16 appearance and UNT was playing in the Southland with 1 all time NCAA Tournament appearance. UTEP was conference mates with BYU, Utah, and New Mexico. UNT was conference mates with McNeese St, Lamar, and UTSA. Since then, they've made the NCAAs twice, compared to our 3 and they have the same amount of CUSA regular season titles as we do. Again, with 8 less seasons in the league. They even won the 2018 CBI. Something UTEP failed to do versus a Pac10 team with a losing record and home court advantage.

This athletics program is absolute garbage. UTEP can't even compete in CUSA with ex-FCS teams and schools that shut down their football program. It's not fun watching the games anymore. Senter, Terry, and Dimel should all be fired. Only the biggest homers on the planet like them.
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Sep 8, 2001
Funny, but with the title you could have had the same conversation about the Dallas Cowboys. (1996 last divisional playoff win). What a sad state to be a Cowboys and Miner fan.
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