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Oct 1, 2019

College football recruiting database mid-season scouting updates feature new mid-season highlights from each top football recruit at College Football Today. You can access our college football recruiting database at Scout Trout Elite by clicking on the picture below. Use the top football recruit picture scroll bar to access each recruiting position database.

In recent CFB recruiting news, we have had a plethoraof recruits visiting colleges and are very pleased with their production on and off the field. We have been adding more All-American recruits for our 2020 HS All-American Bowl in Memphis,Tennessee at the Christian Brothers Academy and will be releasing our initial roster in the coming weeks, at College Football Today. We announce all CFB recruiting news directly to our Scout Trout & College Football Today Twitter accounts and have some current updates featured in our weekly recruiting update slideshow at Scout Trout Elite!


College Football Today will be updating all college football recruit rankings from the middle to end of October and releasing news on our 2020 HS All-American Bowl rosters. We our the only company who conducts film analysis, creates recruiting profiles, trains recruits and has an All-American Bowl. Most of the companies I have seen the past four years that do one thing or another, are strictly money grabs that do not provide result in the recruiting process. Thus, we put together an all inclusive program that provides maximum exposure to the actual college staffs, at the next level and beyond. We have had over 120,000 visitors in the past week alone and look forward to providing our recruits with the utmost exposure, knowledge and dedication in the college football recruiting process.


2020 HS All-American Bowl news and recruiting updates will be posted to the Scout Trout Elite news feed, as well as on our All-American Bowl rosters all the way up until our All-American Bowl. We have begun practicing on the college style playbook in Plantation,Florida and will be scouting games the next few months. Our roster is currently over half filled at this time and we will be sending more invites to the over 4,000 recruits who have filled out College Football Scouting Profiles, at Scout Trout Elite & College Football Today.

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