OT: Best Hotel in El Paso


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Feb 1, 2010
I've only stayed in the Double Tree downtown . It was nice you get a nice view of the stadium.

The new Lofts downtown seem good they have good reviews. But, I wouldn't which hotel is the best. Stanton House is the most expensive, so maybe that one??
Jan 21, 2022
We stayed in Staton House a few years ago, and it was, without doubt, the most luxurious hotel I've ever stayed in. It is a boutique hotel, so everything is included, and the services offered are at the highest level. Although it is a really expensive hotel, I recommend staying there. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Absolutely worth it! Talking about hotels, I'm in Brisbane for a few days, and I'm looking for some accommodation hotels near me. Could anyone recommend any, preferably a 5-star one?
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