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Nov 10, 2019
That's just going to affect the short season teams and rookie ball teams. They are just going to keep those players at the Spring Training sites and have those players work out and play games there.
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Jul 10, 2001
The Chihuahuas have basically blown off plans for social distancing.
My religious ministry purchased "vouchers" for this season for fund raising (I opened my big mouth since our charity fund is behind numbers wise. "Hey, let's sell Chihuahuas tickets?" OK, 2step you're in charge!" Ugh!). Their marketing person told me it 70% capacity.


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Nov 20, 2001
But what MLB issued last week is focused on the player side and include specs like these:

Clubhouses for both home and visiting teams must be 1,000 square feet or larger. Again, most newer ballparks already feature larger home clubhouses; the issue for many teams will be expanding visitor clubhouses. The clubhouses must also feature improved lockers.
Nutrition is now emphasized for many organizations, some of whom send out their own food-prep staff and don’t rely on team for the post-game buffet. That’s why you see food-prep and dining areas for both home and visiting clubhouses as a new spec. The challenge here will be carving out the space out of existing office and storage space.
Better field lighting. This is an easy sell: installing the next generation of LED lights will both save money on daily usage and improve the player experience. The installation of new LED lights can be done with existing stanchions in some cases. This is not a new trend; newer ballparks feature LED lighting, and beginning several years ago teams like the Lowell Spinners installed LED lighting.
Better training facilities for players. That means weight rooms and two pitching/batting tunnels. Many newer ballparks, like Hodgetown, feature indoor batting cages directly on the concourse. In Fort Wayne, the indoor batting cages at Parkview Field are a draw even when there’s not a game going on. Now, these batting cages don’t need to be located directly on the concourse–but for teams with flexible space, they may be a nice upgrade.
Separate spaces for female staffers. Welcome to the modern world, Minor League Baseball.

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