OT: UT and OU to the SEC?


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Nov 12, 2019
True but if it's also true that Marshall and ODU are seeking admission to the A10, a non fbs conference, then an agreement between indy's could work pretty well.
I don’t buy it. A10 is already 14 teams and the two they’re going to add are Marshall and ODU. Those two aren’t adding an extra bid to your conference. Just splitting up the money 2 more ways. ODU is already in the same city as VCU and Marshall is located in West Virginia. What network is going to give them more money for that?


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Nov 6, 2011
Rumors from a Marshall twitter account about Marshall and ODU pushing to join the A10 for all sports except football. That is a quality basketball conference. Football would be indy and form a scheduling alliance with other eastern independents such as UConn, UMass, Army and Liberty.

So instead of a cusa split it sounds like they just want out and into a better basketball league. That will put a damper on all the other eastern cusa schools who are currently pounding their chests about breaking away and creating a super league made up of WKU, MT, Charlotte, FAU, etc. Lol.

For UTEP to do something like that would require a quality basketball conference to join plus more football independents in the west/southwest.
UTEP basketball should be in the MWC
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Apr 20, 2021
Who’s talking about those days? I’m referring to A&Ms behavior over the last week. Joke of a program and they know their one selling point of “the only SEC school in Texas” is no longer valid.
It will not matter. Most Aggies are excited at the opportunity to prove they are the best team in texas on the field. Why would anyone be happy about something good happening to their rivals? 2021 national champs.

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Feb 11, 2019
Same old, same old. A&M wants to prove it is better than Texas and Texas only cares about proving it is better than OU...and getting paid more than everyone else in the process.

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