The Fighting Irish Break Into Top Four In Top 25 Poll & More Comparisons Below

Oct 8, 2018

Brian Kelly has brought new and innovative training methods to the Fighting Irish and they have worked magically at winning crucial games that have shot them up all three polls. The first three games of the season were not impressive and Notre Dame looked like a decent team, as they were able to defeat the Michigan Wolverines at home. What was concerning was after the big win in South Bend, they nearly lost to (2-4) Ball State by a score of 24-16. Given both teams are in Indiana, you could consider this an in-state rivalry, so they remain a Top 25 team. At home, against Vanderbilt, The Fighting Irish were able to defeat their SEC opponent by a score of 22-17.Vanderbilt is a good team this season, but a below average to average SEC team, as they were pummeled by South Carolina by a score of 37-14 in Nashville,TN. Consensus Top 3 team the Georgia Bulldogs, were able to defeat Vanderbilt 41-13 as the Bulldogs offense begins to assert their dominance in SEC play. They were able to defeat (3-3) Wake Forest handily in Winston Salem, NC by a score of 56-27 and you started to see the framework for the 2018-2019 Fighting Irish start to form. It was then, the Irish came up against the mighty Stanford Cardinals, who are year in and year out one of the toughest opponents the Irish face. They were able to defeat genius David Shaw and shatter Bryce Love's hopes for earlyHeisman contention. Normally, I am not into over analyzing things, as second guessing is for people who are unsure of the situation, but I looked at the remaining games for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the odds are in their favor of winning throughout the rest of the season. I had them picked to win over Virginia Tech and knowing how the system is set up, I presented my case to several older football minds and they said I was right. Let's look at the remaining schedule for Notre Dame and why they should ultimately be in the BCS playoffs at the conclusion of the college football rankings.

Georgia and Clemson over Ohio State?

This came down to the eye test when examining overall play on the football field. Ohio State's players have handled the off-season drama with their coaching staff considerably well, but they simply do not show up in the first half. Most of their glamorous stats accumulated this season were done against the likes of Tulane, who if you know FBS football, spend too many nights on Bourbon Street to compete with the Best FCS teams. As you will see in the charts, while the offenses are merely 40-50 yards behind in production per game, Georgia and Clemson are crushing the Buckeyes in total defense by nearly 100 yards in total. Where I come from, Offense wins games, but Defense wins championships.

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