UTEP Athletics Announces 100 Percent Capacity for 2021-22


Jan 13, 2008
El Paso, Texas
All UTEP Athletics sporting events for the 2021-22 season will return to 100 percent capacity, Director of Athletics Jim Senter announced on Friday.

“We are excited to announce full capacity at our events for the upcoming year,” Senter said. “We will continue to prioritize health and safety while ensuring our venues are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Miners take care of Miners and we want everyone who attends a UTEP game to feel safe. Our previous COVID-19 protocols taught us a great deal and have put us in a position to return to full capacity. Moving forward, we will continue to work with our campus partners and follow all recommended requirements as outlined by the authorities.”

On May 20, UTEP President Heather Wilson, in accordance with the Executive Order issued by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, announced that face coverings would no longer be required on the UTEP campus, including all indoor and outdoor spaces. For those who have not been vaccinated, face coverings are highly recommended to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
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MI Miner Maniac
Jul 10, 2001
Good work El Paso. You changed the tide, got serious, masked up and got vaccinated and became top vaccinated County in the state.

But don't let your guard down. Get the stubborn friend and family member double vaccinated.
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MI Hall of Famer
Nov 28, 2001
Assuming UTEP FB beats NMSU to open the season, go all out with specials to get as many as possible to the Sun Bowl for the Bethune Cookman game. That game by itself won't sell many tickets but a win over the Aggies and some promotions to get butts in the seats could go a long way to improving turnout the rest of the way, if the team turns out to be a bit better than mediocre. Hopefully a lot better.

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