UTEP Basketball Early-Season Games To Be Played With No Fans


Jan 13, 2008
El Paso, Texas
EL PASO, TEXAS – UTEP President Heather Wilson and Director of Athletics Jim Senter announced today that the Miner basketball teams’ early-season games in the Don Haskins Center will be played with no fans in attendance.

The UTEP women will host NM State on Wednesday (Nov. 25) at 1 p.m. and Incarnate Word on Saturday (Nov. 28) at 1 p.m. The UTEP men will host UTPB on Wednesday at 7 p.m.

“While the COVID numbers in our community have started to improve, we want to encourage all El Pasoans to continue to stay home, stay safe, and cheer on the Miners remotely in an effort to continue to improve the health conditions in our region,” Senter said.

Only coaches, student-athletes, support staff, officials, medical personnel and media with a working function will be permitted into this week’s games.

“We know of no spread of the disease at UTEP and have maintained safe campus operations throughout the semester,” Wilson said. “While we test everyone in athletics and are confident in the safety of our campus, we are cognizant of the disease levels in the community around us. Decisions on fan attendance for future games will be evaluated on a week-to-week basis.”

All season ticket holders and single-game ticket holders will be contacted within the coming days regarding refund options.

Fans can view all three games this week on C-USA TV (https://conferenceusa.com/watch) or listen live on 600 ESPN El Paso.
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Feb 10, 2009
The game's not listed on CUSA TV nor is the women's game. Great job again UTEP! I did find this link on youtube though. Know what? Youtube is WAAAAy better. Great job again UTEP!
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Jul 16, 2001
Nice start. First game mistakes obviously. Can't give up 43 in a half to a team like UTPB but, meh. Our guys look decent offensively.

Really liking Hess. And where exactly did Boum get his 15? Wow. Very quietly drained those 15. Also really nice to see Bryson Williams not having to carry the team so much.


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Sep 1, 2003
Well, after last season, I'm happy that the Miners are able to score 100, even against a DII team. The defense needs to improve, but I'm not too worried because the Miners went deep (I'm sure the normal rotation will play better defense) and I think Terry is better at coaching defense than offense, so I have confidence they'll improve there. I'm just happy we had players able to generate points.
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