UTEP Basketball Recruiting


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Feb 1, 2010
Last year how many guys left--- was it 9
They are recruiting 2023 guys- not guys for this year
Well I dont think Z leaves. I think his parents like Golding. I think Sibley knows that he could be the guy. It's his team. I dont think it's such a bad thing that UTEP is a stepping stone to move up to a bigger school. UTEP should embrace ex players moving on to bigger schools. UTEP should use it as a recruiting tool.


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Jun 28, 2001
This guy committed to east carolina a few years ago when he was a 2021 player
Not sure if he failed to qualify or what
Then last year averaged an underwhelming 8 & 5 at salt lake cc (very good juco team apparently)
He must be tearing up the juco offseason tournaments to have that much interest

This guy is already off the market. Really liked his upside.

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