UTEP to Play at WCC Perennial Power Saint Mary’s College Tuesday Night


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Nov 6, 2011
Just to follow-up on a point made before the game regarding offensive contribution from Bieniemy, Kennedy, and Hess. Bieniemy played 31 minutes and went 1-10 from the floor. Kennedy payed all 40 minutes and went 2-11. Hess did not play. Prior to the season, I felt Kennedy, in particular, was a key to the season because of all the defections from the 2/3 positions. I would have liked to have seen Hess for a few minutes to see if he can hit some shots. Without any production from that spot, it will make it tough to score enough to win. The game last night looked a lot like last year based on the guard play. We did manage to keep the turnovers down, but that was against a team that doesn't really pressure the ball.
Kennedy has played decently well so far. He is very scrappy and does a lot of dirty work, but he needs to work harder at finishing and scoring as the 3rd option.

I like Kennedy and JB, but they are NOT 3pt shooters. They need to stick to their guns. JB needs to run the team and Kennedy needs to scrap and go to the rim hard like he can! Both need to play better D. Boum, Hess, Sjolund and BW are our shooters. Why can't Terry adjust his needs to his player's skills and put them in the right spots?

So far I think Vuk should not play. If Boum and Kennedy have to play 40 minutes then play Boum as backup PG and put Hess or Sjolund at the 3 with Kennedy or Hess playing the 2. Its simple.

If Vuk is gonna play then why are Hess and Onyema not gonna play? Did Terry promise him something? Unless they were out for other reasons then I dont understand. Our interior D was dominated last night.
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Feb 10, 2014
Did anyone catch the postgame or did you all get disgusted like me and throw the remote into the TV? Curious to hear if Terry used the same old line of crap to defend the loss. "They played at a high level ". "They are well coached". "They play with discipline ".

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