Arkansas vs. UTEP


Mar 7, 2015
El Paso, TX
Good ol Randy. Even the homer posters didn't like him either. He would have some short rant using spanglish and homophobic slurs, never posted a true opinion (unless it was about you).

I hope most posters choose to stay. I just wish they would answer when challenged, instead of childish, "personal" insults. UTEP2Step will continue to side "step" any real question. He's the definition of a guy that calls his teacher a dumbass, but when is called on in class, he doesn't say anything. Sheep.


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Feb 4, 2004
One game doesn't make a difference. Remember when Florida Gulf Coast beat Georgetown and made the Sweet 16? I don't recall any networks banging on the Atlantic Sun's door waiting to give them more money to broadcast games. FGCU is still in that conference. If their Sweet 16 run didn't make any difference, why would UAB's sole victory over Iowa St make one?

Why is it the commish's fault UTEP and everyone outside of ODU sucked out of conference? Gardner-Webb and NJIT won 20 games last year too. BFD. Does that ordinary chain store manager compete to get in a Top 68 tournament and win more money and exposure for his business? No, he just competes to keep his job. Floyd doesn't have his boss down his throat to get results. Floyd's boss sees morons like yourself who are satisfied with 20 wins and will buy tickets no matter what trash teams UTEP beats. You expect nothing, so you get nothing in return. Except for those great wins over FAU, Princeton, and UAB. Hooooooray!
These people love to blame it on everything except for who the blame should be placed on and thats Tim Floyd.
See what I mean. Blurt crap with no support. Even if the 4th place CUSA finisher beat the 2nd place Big XII finisher doesn't make a difference.

Bob, don't confuse Floyd's body of work for CUSA's crappy ass commish body of work for his failure to get the conference more leverage. That's his job and what he's paid to do. Winning 20 at the D1 level may not seem like a big deal, but it really is. Just take your ordinary corporate chain store manager who has to beat last year's percentage's, year after year. Every one of them bitch that its hard to do....even if the economy is chugging along. Damn son.....
Typical fans now just blaming everyone else. The commish can only do so much. Its not his fault these weak ass CUSA teams can't step up and do something(With the exception of UAB this year). The MWC continuously has teams ranked in the TOP 25, they beat big schools in non conference , they advance in the NCAA Tourney. Thats why the MW can get their leverage. They have teams who step it up. So your basically saying you want the commish to do "his job" and do something to get UTEP in the NCAA Tourney cause Tim Floyd can win 20 plus games a year in a weak ass CUSA. Tim Floyd has UTEP basketball at a CBI caliber team every year. Blame him and our AD who is there just collecting a check right now w/o doing much.

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