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Jun 28, 2001
On another thread, a the following tweet was posted:

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Steve, for Doc Sadler to be even considered in coming back is an insult to the university. does anyone not remember the comments he made at his presser in Nebraska
4:13 PM · Apr 11, 2021

Before I go any further, let me say this up front: I do not want Doc Sadler hired as the next head coach at UTEP. Of the two former coaches who were interviewed for this job, I would much, much rather have Tony Barbee. While I do believe that Sadlwr is a better Xs and Os guy, Barbee can recruit circles around Sadler. It's not even close. That said, I have this overwhelming, and extremely annoying, sense of fair play, one which doesn't allow me to sit idly by while someone's name is dragged through the mud. So I must once again defend Doc Sadler and his "Nebraska man!" quote.

Here is the thing: Sadler did not insult UTEP or the community with that quote. In fact, it was the exact opposite. Here is the quote:

I was always told if you can ever get the opportunity to coach at the University of Nebraska, you better take it. I had a great job. I don't know how many people realize that. UTEP is a great basketball job. Great fans, great tradition, everything. But this is Nebraska, man. This is Nebraska.

Now can someone please tell me how this is insulting to UTEP and/or the community? He talks about how great UTEP is, with our great tradition and fans. Then he goes on to show some excitement about his new job, which is exactly what he should do. I'm sure that if someone digs up the pressers when Doc was hired at UTEP and at USM he showed excitement then, too. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what Doc said at his Nebraska presser.

Oh, and before everyone claims that the whole quote wasn't shown on the news, or printed in the Times, that is complete BS. I watched the news that night. I read the paper the next day. The whole quote was there. For a long time I couldn't figure out why people were so upset with Doc and that presser. I finally figured it out. El Pasoans expect every successful coach to emulate Haskins, completely not understanding how unique the Bear was. So every time one left, Miner fans looked for an excuse to hate them. In this case it's completely miscontruing the above quote.

In reality, Miner fans should have been happy he left. The team he left Barbee had one gem, DJ, and not much else. And given Doc's track record with recruiting, there's no way that he would have brought in a recruiting class anywhere near as good as Barbee did the following year, which provided the cornerstone for Barbee's NCAA Tournament team. Nebraska did us a favor.


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May 22, 2006
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But this is Nebraska, man. This is Nebraska. Nuff said. He appears to use the word but as a conjunction, as UTEP is great and all.... but Nebraska is better. That’s how it sounds to be. I personally don’t care what he said, it was funny then and is funny now. He should not be selected over the other 4... Unless we want Tim Floyd 2.0
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Sep 11, 2018
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Seriously, why are people still pissed off by this comment? It’s not like what Joe Elliott of Def Leppard said about El Paso back in the 80s. Going from C-USA to the Big 12? HELLO!!!!!
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Nov 20, 2005
Seriously, why are people still pissed off by this comment? It’s not like what Joe Elliott of Def Leppard said about El Paso back in the 80s. Going from C-USA to the Big 12? HELLO!!!!!
Damn Oso! This was before my time, but I just spent 20 minutes down a wormhole on this subject!
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Aug 24, 2012
As ridiculous as that "Nebraska, man" comment was I don't care about it at all. I don't want Doc because I don't want to recycle a 60 year old coach that I wasn't impressed with the first time around. He brought in Jackson but that was it. If he gets the job I hope he proves me wrong does well

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