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Nov 28, 2001
The guy that posted this is likely full of hot air but I'm trying to get the bad taste from last nights basketball game out of my mouth. This thread is not worth visiting the MWC board because most trash UTEP and other Texas schools. But if you want a bit of a diversion, here you go.

Posted Wednesday at 09:07 AM

Posted by Formerfrog


"My sources are telling me that Thompson is really driving home the point that the MWC needs to bring Texas into the union. With possible defections on the horizon, combined with underwhelming football AND basketball performance (as well as future media contracts benefitting by including a good share of the Texas market), his rationale makes a lot of sense.

Who would you rather have on the Eastern MWC flank? Rice? Texas State? UTEP? UTSA? UNT? There may be a push that any 2 of those additions would take a haircut, so they don't take away any revenue from Boise. Thompson let it be known to Bob Kustra that their share would not change at all. "Not one dime" is the verbage being used.

This makes a lot of sense in light of the new media options were hearing, with alternatives like YouTube and the like. Grabbing the Houston and San Antonio markets (for instance) would make the MWC portfolio more valuable by a significant margin.

Competitively speaking, the MWC has nothing to lose and a lot to gain. RECRUITING TEXAS would help out the poor performance we've all been witnessing immensely. I've been told that Craig Bohl is very excited about opening up the spigot into Texas recruiting.

This is also a pre-emptive strike against losing certain members to the AAC. It can be argued that losing Air Force and Colorado State can be mitigated by gaining ground in Texas (where there would be a HUGE net gain in population.. i.e, eyeballs to TV sets). A school like Rice also adds to the MWC academic profile and has a very good basketball team. They would be the Stanford of the MWC.

So, for media reasons, competitive reasons, recruiting reasons, survival, this is a solid strategy. There was a reason that raising exit fees was voted down. The MWC has always had a problem with sparsely populated territory. This issue needs to be addressed and it will be."

This post was followed by a post from SpartaRick:

"Yes, there has been talk of adding Rice for academic reasons and UTEP for historical and geographic reasons. The comment about MWC defections though, I believe, is mostly wishful thinking by a few MWC members. I don't see the Pac adding any MWC members and, as to the Big 12, the talk is more about adding AAC members and BYU."


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Jun 15, 2014
Without fail every year this rumor starts right around the time of the off season.

I would jump off the Franklin mountains if the MWC took UTSA/RICE and not UTEP.
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