Western Kentucky DESERVES to be a lock.


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Sep 11, 2015
I'll never forget Randy and McCulley crying in the concourse after everyone had left. I stayed in my seat for a good 30 minutes after the game ended. On the way out of the building I ran into them. Gave Randy a hug and had nothing else to say. He looked completely demoralized.
That is a poignant story/memory. I am by no means a glutton for punishment, but I would take that pain of barely missing out over the growing sense of apathy I feel towards the program. Just to feel real excitement here and there about my absolute favorite team (UTEP bb) in the world would be highly welcome.


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Nov 6, 2011
That year hurt! We let Memphis come back and Utep and Randy Culpepepper admitted he didn't care about the NIT game and I assume as much of the whole team. I believe if they win and go to NCAA Floyd's first year they make a small run. That is one of the most painful losses for me as a Miner Basketball Team!!!😒
Yep. We also had a chance at the conference title, but lost in triple OT at UAB and at home to UCF. UAB and Memphis made it that year (even though everybody thought UTEP should have got in over UAB since they were flailing).

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