Yost; Tech offensive coordinator wants to make Tech "Tap Them Out TTU"


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Jul 10, 2001
"Yost wants the offensive players to stay in the game for more plays, as he said it would help the Red Raiders by preventing the defense from substituting gassed players.....“We call it ‘Tap Them Out TTU,’ so that’s kind of our offensive motto,” Bowman said. “So, if anybody falls down for a cramp or taps their helmet, that’s when we get all excited and kind of we want to go so fast where they can’t even stand up anymore....“We want to play fast, we want to be physical up front, we want to continue to put the pedal down,” Tech’s head coach Matt Wells said. “And I think as soon as you can see your opponent tired and tapping his helmet and needing a break, I think it gives you a little bit more internal motivation as an offensive player.”.”


Yost plans are not anything new

"1. Allow the offense to set the pace of the game. Keep defenses on their heels.
2. Give the offense more opportunities to get the ball in play makers hands.
3. Score quick to get opposing team to get away from game plan early
4. Play sideline to sideline and end-zone to end-zone At least 3 shots down field a quarter!
5. Make the game 5 quarters. Take a game from 60 offensive plays to 80+."

The goal is to get the snap off within 5 seconds of the ball being spotted.


How to defend it (In a perfect football world)
Theoretically, the best way to stop the spread offense—whether it is employed primarily via the run or the pass—is to just be better prepared than the opposition. Having linebackers that are beasts from a size perspective and can also run like deer and cover slot receivers, tight ends and running backs is absolutely vital. You want guys who you never have to substitute, and linemen that can go from holding the point to blowing up a jailbreak screen at the drop of the hat.

Unfortunately, most ballclubs do not live in theory land, and it is very hard to stock your roster full of such talented players. "

Let your defensive front control the action and then rely on great gap control from your linebackers.

(Since UTEP doesn't have elite players they have to play zone) " While there are a lot of theories about what does and does not work, one principle is universal: You have to know how to tackle. If you do not tackle, it does not matter if you are playing Cover 2, Cover 4, Cover 5 or anything else because you're going to give up big plays regardless.....So while some teams will look to employ quarters coverage to protect against vertical threats, others like to play two over the top in order to build the picket fence that allows for quick reaction to the out routes, slants and the like."

"You must first take away the slants and seams that can get loose in a hurry. Sacrifice the screen, or the flare in favor of protecting the dig, the corner and the fade routes. Then, when the short route is thrown, swarm to the ball-carrier for a minimum gain."

(UTEP will no doubt) " give up small chunks of yardage and there will be open players in open coverage zones near the line of scrimmage. This allows opposing players to catch the ball, but if you miss a tackle, that three-yard gain becomes an eight-yard gain for a first-down conversion. That is fine because if a team is patient enough to throw nothing but check-downs and dink-and-dunk you down the field for an entire game, then so be it. Most teams are not patient enough to do this. They are used to big plays, used to things happening quickly and used to players breaking short throws for big gainers."

(HINT, HINT!! UTEP vs #12 Houston 2009) UTEP bent, but didn't break.

"Your defense also cannot do as much blitzing or running stunts to pressure the quarterback. When you lose gap control, the quarterback can hand the ball off in the zone-read or pull it to hit the hole himself for a big gain........Oh, and of course he can still throw the ball, too"

"You have to have disciplined players up front. You need guys who are not going to lose control or get too far upfield and allow the quarterback to slide up in the pocket and squirt out the side for a big gain."

"If you scheme to stop the run, then these offenses still possess the ability to beat you with the pass. You play contain to stop their roll out game and moving the pocket, but they can still throw the quick hitters all day. You get tired of them dinking-and-dunking you down the field so you dial up a pressure, and the quarterback will slip contain. Now, you have a new set of problems."

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